It was a pleasure to teach a seminar in the Department of Psychology at Hunter College- College University of New York- in Fall 2019!

The course- Psychology of Cancer- explored the intersectionality of various psychological phenomena and cancer outcomes. To facilitate our objective interpretation and evaluation of the research in this area, scheduled class time was dedicated to guided self-reflection exercises.

One exercise involved observing the representation of pain, strife, and illness in modern art. Most students found solace within the works displayed at The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art such as Kent Mokman’s “Resurgence of the People” pictured above.

Throughout the semester we discussed how risk perceptions, preventive behaviors, and screening decisions impact cancer diagnosis, the psychological distress that accompanies cancer treatment, and cancer survivorship issues including fear of recurrence, fertility, grief, and end of life care.

I’m grateful to the students, faculty, and staff for warmly welcoming me into this historic institution. Contributing to the heir of scholarship at Hunter was one of the highlights of my year. Thanks to Drs. Michael Hoyt, Jamie Ostroff, Valerie Khait, and Tracey Revenson for support.